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The most amazing meat-free burgers!

The burger. The ultimate fast-food, guilty pleasure, and the best snack food in the history of mankind! Contrary to popular belief burgers don't have to be unhealthy, and they definitely don't have to be made with meat to be tasty. So without further ado, we give you: Lotta's and Anton's vegan and vegetarian burgers!

Serves 4  |  30 min  |  Medium

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Christmas feast, part three: Main courses

Christmas is a heavily food-based holiday here in Scandinavia. The entire family gathers on Christmas Eve to eat a lot of food, during a long evening. But only those foods that are considered to be a part of the Christmas tradition are allowed on the table, and more often than not that includes an entire smoked ham. So how did we combine our traditions with a vegetarian diet? Let's find out!

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