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Comforting red lentil soup with coconut and tomato

Lentils are great — they're healthy, versatile and filling; and are perfect in salads, soups and stews. This is one of our go to recipes for when we crave a hearty filling lentil dish. We call it a soup, but it's almost a stew so you have to be the judge of that!

Serves 3  |  20 min  |  Easy

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Honey-roasted brussel sprout & rosemary halloumi salad

Brussel sprouts often get an undeservedly bad reputation. And, as you know, we take it upon ourselves to correct all the wrongs in the world. We'll get to climate change and world peace later, because first things first: Correct the image of the often misunderstood brussel sprout!

Serves 2  |  5min + 15min  |  Easy

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Vegan toast "skagen"

There are few foods that are more Nordic than a Toast Skagen - a simple piece of toast with a mayonnaise, shrimp, fish roe and dill mixture piled on top. But we've sadly never eaten a good vegetarian version of this classic dish. Which is why we decided to create our own.

Serves 4  |  5min  |  Easy

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