Decadent breakfast muffins with olives, feta and kale

Making breakfast is an art. But not a detailed fancy baroque painting or anything, more like a Jackson Pollock - just throw everything you love onto the blank canvas of your plate, sit down, and enjoy your work. We absolutely love savoury muffins, and hope you will too after you've made these!

Makes 6 muffins  |  15 + 20min  |  Easy

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Roasted potatoes with spinach pesto

I think it was Tuesday of last week when I'd promised to have dinner ready for when Lotta got home from the gym, but I'd got caught up with something and had to resort to cooking a simple meal that required little effort from me. Which is when I turned to our trusty food processor, threw in some spinach and sunflower seeds, and stumbled upon the easiest and best recipe ever.

Serves 2  |  45min  |  Easy

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