Fresh and bright turmeric, pineapple + mango smoothie


Turmeric, pineapple & mango smoothie

5 min / Serves 2

Sometimes I have the luxury of working from home and even though I'm usually too deep in the sofa writing or editing with my blanket on, rocking a cool outfit — think mismatching socks and that t-shirt you never wear in public — to notice I get hungry or tired. It usually creeps up on me and when I finally realize it, it's almost too late.

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2 dl vegan yoghurt
2,5 dl un-sweetened almond milk
1 dl (frozen) pineapple slices
1 dl (frozen) mango slices
1/2 tsp ground turmeric

Mix all of the ingredients in a blender or with a stick mixer. Enjoy!

(Feel free to add more turmeric if you want) 


When this happens I always make myself a smoothie, partly because I can quickly pack a lot energy and taste into a glass, and partly because it's so damn delicious. 

I still remember when smoothies became a "thing" back when dinos still walked the earth and I lived at home with my mom. Back then we both loved to experiment with new (cool?) food trends and we talked a lot about health. So when smoothies arrived in Finland it was big — everyone wanted to make one, every single café served them, and there where recipes in every magazine.

And we totally jumped on the fad — we made one almost daily.

I remember one particular article in a magazine that my mom subscribed to — someone wrote in to an advice column wondering "How do I make a smoothie?". Me and my mom laughed about it, saying it was the silliest question ever. You just put in whatever you like, right?

But here I am, 15 years later giving you a smoothie recipe. In a way it feels silly, because don't we all know how to make a smoothie by now? Don't we all have a go-to favorite combination that we swear by? Probably, but if you're anything like that reader who didn't know how to make one, or if you're like me and love finding easy ideas for how to spice up your smoothie, then you will like this recipe. And it never hurts to try something new, right?

So go ahead, scroll down and try out my recipe and have an energy filled day with lots of smoothie breaks!

Love, Lotta