Nominate us for the Saveur blog awards!

Hi you! And sorry for being so quiet here on the blog for the past few weeks! Things have been hectic, I hate saying that all the time but it's true. A few weeks ago we moved and that week went entirely to unpacking and trying to recover from the move, then just a few days after that we both flew to Finland for a bit of work before our holiday.

Now we've finally finished everything work-related and our holiday can officially begin!

We've arrived to the amazing Finnish archipelago, a few hours west of Helsinki, and are set to begin a week and a half of sleeping in, cooking food, exercising and lots and lots of sauna. But most importantly, we're going to shoot our cookbook! The time has finally come for us to do it, and after waiting and planning for this all spring, we're super excited to start cooking. If you want to follow us on this journey, make sure to check in on our instagram, where we'll be posting pictures and insta stories throughout our process!

But in the meantime, we'd love it if you would nominate us for the most prestige filled food-blog award out there - the Saveur blog awards. Ever since we started blogging, we've been going to the Saveur site dreaming of being a part of the elite food bloggers. We've clicked through all the different food blogs that have been nominated and admired their craft and unique style. We're very aware that we're not there yet, but we're confident that someday we will be.

But if you feel that you want to nominate us we would be extremely happy! 

There are some categories we fall perfectly into, like best blog design (I'm very proud of Antons blog design which he has design all by himself without actually being a web-designer, just learning by doing), or best photography, I'm also a completely self-taught photographer who didn't know what ISO or shutter speed was a year ago. S

Slowly but surely we're learning what we like our pictures to look like and finding our style. But as we've mentioned before, the creative process is always evolving and we don't think we'll ever be completely happy, we're always going to want to do better, but that's ok. But if you feel like we don't fit into those categories you can also nominate us for the obvious one: best new comer.

Click here to nominate us, it'll take just a few minutes of your time and we'll love you if you do! (We love you even if you don't!)

So hopefully you have a few days (weeks, months) off work or school and you can just relax as well. We really recommend leaving the hectic everyday life for a while and enjoying the silence. We'll be back soon, until then - look out for the mosquitos!

Kisses, Lotta