Grilled summer vegetables with buckwheat & strawberry


Grilled summer vegetables with buckwheat & strawberries

15 min + 5 min, Serves 3
Vegan, Gluten free

Summer is finally here and that means it’s barbecue season! Who doesn’t love standing outside in the sun, maybe drinking a beer, and playing with fire? No one. That’s who.

But barbecues can be stressful events for vegetarians — at least that’s what they were to me back when we first became vegetarians. The reason for that is the close association of barbecues and meat — of barbecues always being discussed as the event for meat lovers, and the never-ending discussions about the marinades, the temperature, what wood to use for smoking fish or meats, how big your grill is and so on, and so forth.  It’s often a very macho and meat filled world, which can be annoying or outright intimidating for a vegetarian.

Which is why we we’re here to show you that vegetables are just as good (if not better) to barbecue as any meat is! Vegetables get an entirely unnecessarily bad rap when it comes to barbecues. I mean have you ever tried grilling an entire leek so that it’s completely charred on the outside, then peeling that layer away to reveal the sweetest and most flavourful leek you’ve ever tried? No? You should do that. Now. It’s a perfect addition to any sallad, or just as a summer snack. It doesn’t sound like much, but I dare you to try it, because it really is one of the best things you can grill.

So go and get your grill ready and make sure to watch the video of our summer barbecue at the end of this post!


PS. Next time you’re at someones summer house barbecuing, or at any barbecue for that matter, make a conscious effort to not split into two camps — men at the barbecue drinking beer, and women in the kitchen making the salads (and sauces, and drinks, and setting the tables, and making everything else!) — because it’s 2017, so let’s not let old gender stereotypes dictate the way we act anymore, okay? Also, standing and staring at a barbecue is not the same amount of work as making and preparing literally everything else for a large dinner, so let's all drop that argument. If all you did was fix the barbecue, you didn’t do as much as everyone else, so make damn sure to do the dishes after the meal at the very least!



A bundle of small seasonal carrots
A bundle of fresh radishes
12 stalks of asparagus
One fennel


0,5 dl olive oil
A handful of fresh thyme leaves
A handful of fresh lemon balm leaves
One clove of garlic
A pinch of salt


3 dl buckwheat
A large handful of fresh spinach
10 fresh strawberries
10cm slice of cucumber
A pinch of salt

Boil the buckwheat in water for 10-12min until soft

Wash the vegetables

Prepare them by chopping off the hardest few centimeters from the bottom of the asparagus stalks; halving the radishes; and cutting off the base of the fennel, then slicing it in half and peeling off big chunks of fennel

Place all of the vegetables into an airtight container (for transportation)

Mix the marinade in a bowl by chopping up the herbs, peeling and pressing the clove of garlic and finally adding olive oil and salt, then mix everything thoroughly

Pour the marinade over the vegetables and rub it into them with your hands, make sure to get it all over the vegetables

Place the vegetables into the fridge until it's time to grill

When the buckwheat is ready, mix it with the spinach leaves, ten halved (or quartered) strawberries, a chopped up cucumber and a big pinch of salt

Grill the vegetables on a high heat for a few minutes, making sure to turn them often so they don't burn

Serve immediately with the buckwheat and strawberry salad

Enjoy your tasty vegan barbecue!