How creativity breeds more creativity

The creative process is very interesting to observe. We all evolve all the time in all aspects in life, but it’s hard to see the process without having something to compare it too.

I've worked with a creative job for about 6 years, and before that I've studied it for 4. So all in all, I can say I've worked with my creativity for a decade. And it has not been easy. I wasn't born with a talent like painting, music, singing or arts. I haven't studied a craft so intensely that I mastered it, so all in all, like most people I had to learn it with bits and pieces here and there.

And when I say it, I mean whatever I do at that moment to feed my creativity.

For years during my studies I didn't do anything creative with regards to my film studies, because I was young and I wanted to party. But the result was that I got mentally bored, I had no outlet for my creativity (if you don't count mixing exciting drinks). During my brief study abroad period I learned how to edit a film, and since then I knew that was what I wanted to do. And editing can be as creative as it gets, I can come home after a day of editing and my head is full of information and I'm completely drained.

But, as it often happens, when you make a job out of your hobby it's easy to lose the creativity, and it becomes a job. Jobs are great, and we need them to pay our bills, but after a few years of working as an editor I found myself back in square one.

It became so clear that my mind wasn't getting the outlet it needed, and it was getting restless. I began to paint and do calligraphy as an hobby. This new hobby was great, and it gave my brain the scratch it needed for awhile. But last spring I finally did what I'd been dreaming of for years, I bought my own camera that was good enough to take fancy controlled pictures but not so fancy that you don't dare to bring it with you to a party. My brain was on fire!

I wanted, and finally was able to, take pictures of everything. That camera, and my need to have something to photograph was one of the reasons we started this blog. It's very selfish actually, I encouraged Anton to try out this foodblogging thing so I would have a chance to take photos. So you could say that one creative need was the reason another one was born.

I would describe creativity as being the act of creating something that didn't exist before. And there are so many different ways of doing that, but for me it has always been about visual arts.

One of the most interesting epiphanies I've had was the realisation that creativity creates more creativity. Just being in the mode of creative thinking and creating more often trains your body to think in a creative way, which leads to more creativity and more creating, and it becomes a loop of creativity that feeds itself.

During the short period where we've had this blog, you've been able to follow our creative process from the beginning, and so have we. And that's where it gets interesting for us, even though we sometimes feel like nothing is happening, we can go back in our archives and see our progress. And that is amazing, because I can not only see a big difference in our photos, but also our recipes and styling.

And once you start to encourage yourself (and others) to do stuff you haven't done before, who knows what will come of that. Personally I decided to learn how to photoshop during this year, and the results won't be perfect in the beginning but that doesn't matter. And after I "forgave" myself for not being perfect at it from day one, I'm now finding so much fun just playing around in photoshop, trying out new things. 

We always talk with Anton about how we should slow down, we need to relax more and work less, but when the weekend comes, all my brain wants to do is create. It has learned that after breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, we create recipes, photos and we style them. We edit pictures, film and write blog posts. And my whole body creates so much endorphin that I'm high all weekend.

Lately, cooking has also made my creative brain work, even though I've never been much of a chef, and in our blog the cook has, for the most part, been Anton. That only proves my thesis, and the fact that you should only limit yourself to stuff you already know is bullshit. Get out there and try new things, who knows - you might be working as a painter in 10 years. The funny thing with creativity and creating stuff is that you don't have to be a master of it to be allowed to do it.

So I encourage you, if you're anything like me and my restless brain, start creating stuff. If someone would have told me 10 years ago I'd start a foodblog I would have laughed, and then probably asked what a foodblog is. And who knows, maybe you'll find a new passion in singing or dancing ballet. I hope you do, and hope it scratches your creative itch real good.


Love, Lotta