Quinoa salad with sweet potato, chickpeas and apple

Serves 2  |  30min  |  Easy


This is one of those simple dishes that really underlines what we're trying to do with this blog, which is to show you how easy it is to make good, tasty, and healthy vegetarian food. Every day. Oh, and it doesn't always have to be fancy or complicated or use expensive spices, sometimes just placing different ingredients in separate piles on a plate is enough. I'd say more than enough, because I love this salad!

If you prefer your salads mixed you can always just toss all the ingredients around until they're blended. Or take one of each ingredient on a fork and put it in your mouth. Or just eat every ingredient separately. Your choice.

If you want more zing! in your salad you can grate some lime zest (and squeeze some juice) into your quinoa after you've boiled it.

Keep it simple, keep it smart.

That didn't really work, did it? Anyhoo, I'll think of a better catch-phrase until next time. Bye bye, have a great day!

Det här är en av de där enkla rätterna som understryker vad vi försöker göra här på bloggen. Vilket är att visa dig hur lätt det är att laga god och hälsosam vegetarisk mat. Varje dag. Och ja, det behöver inte alltid vara märkvärdigt eller komplicerat eller använda dyra kryddor, ibland räcker det med att placera olika ingredienser i separata högar på en tallrik. Jag skulle säga mer än nog, för jag älskar den här sortens sallader!

Om du föredrar din sallad blandade kan du alltid bara kasta om alla ingredienserna runt tills de är blandade. Eller ta en av varje ingrediens på en gaffel och lägga den i munnen. Eller bara äta varje ingrediens separat. Helt hur du vill, vi vaktar ingen.

Om du vill ha mer zing! I din sallad kan du riva lite limeskal (och pressa lite juice) i din quinoa efter att du har koka den.

Hejdå, ha en fin dag!



One large sweet potato

One apple

2 dl red quinoa

4 leaves of kale

½ can of chickpeas

½ dl pumpkins seeds

Some cinnamon

A dash of olive oil

A pinch of salt

Turn your oven on to 200°C

Chop up the sweet potato into small cubes and place evenly on a baking tray together with the apple that you've sliced into wedges; drizzle some oil, the cinnamon and a big pinch of salt over them

Then bake in the middle of the oven for 20min until soft

Boil the quinoa according to the instructions on the package then season with salt and set aside

Spread the chickpeas, kale leaves, and pumpkin seeds evenly on a separate baking tray and bake in the oven for 10min (you can do this together with the sweet potato, towards the end of the time they need so that everything is done at the same time), until the chickpeas are slightly brown, the kale has a few lightly burnt edges and the pumpkin seeds start popping (be careful though, because the kale and pumpkin seeds can burn easily!)

Once everything is done combine on a plate in whichever way you prefer!