The worlds fastest tortilla

Serves 2-3  |  5 minutes  |  Easy


We all know the feeling when we arrive home late on a Friday evening and you want nothing more than to stuff your face with something oh-so-delicious but you really don't feel like cooking after a long week of work. But don't worry, we have the perfect and oh-so tasty recipe for just that moment!

This recipe came to me in an Aha!-moment (not to be confused with an A-ha moment) at the store. I was in the bread section and I saw these flat soft breads that are very typically Finnish called rieska, but can be found in Sweden as well, and hopefully in other countries because they're awesome. Anyway, we used to eat them all the time as children and had them with lots of butter and cheese on top. So unhealthy and so good.

But seeing them there on the bread shelf I got another idea, why not use them as a tortilla bread? The size is perfect, the texture is soft and tasty so you don't have to bake them or even heat them to taste better, you just simply eat them directly.

Also they have more taste and flavor than a regular wheat tortilla bread.

We combined the tortillas with our favorite beans - black beans - but you can use whatever you have on hand. 

We definitely haven't been eating like normal human beings lately. As of this writing we have just had a four day easter break from work, and we spent those four days eating everything we could find in different forms. It has not been pretty.

But the body will immediately respond with dislike by giving you stomach pain, difficulties to sleep, and a weird food-hungover. So ungrateful.

But starting tomorrow we're back to our normal eating habits, and honestly, I'm kinda looking forward to it. It's fun to stuff your face with candy, sandwiches and cake, but it's also fun to not be in physical discomfort (or even pain). These tortilla breads was the healthiest thing we've eaten all weekend, and that's not even exaggerating a lot.

Enjoy your tortillas!


  • Rieska bread or similar

  • 1 can (280 g) black beans

  • 1/2 avocado

  • 8 cherry tomatoes

  • 1 tbsp crème fraiche

  • a handful of Fresh rucola 

  • cream cheese

  • Cilantro

  • lime juice

  • Salt

  1. Spread cream cheese on the bottom of the your bread
  2. Prepare the beans by mixing the beans with a handful of cilantro leaves, the crème fraiche, a few drops of lime juice and some salt; mix well with a spoon and add to your rieska
  3. Top everything off with fresh rucola, a few sliced tomatoes, avocado, and some fresh cilantro leaves
  4. Enjoy!