Sunday morning and homemade fröknäcke

Makes 1 baking tray  |  10min + 1h  |  Easy

There's something magical about Sunday mornings; you can sleep as long as you like, make a delicious breakfast, and you have all the time in the world to eat it. For years we've considered weekend mornings to be holy and we almost never plan a breakfast out in town. I love the concept of eating brunch at a nice café, but I also really enjoy not having to rush off from home and instead slowly enjoying at least two cups of coffee.

Now that we have the blog, the weekends are our most creative time to work. We make a plan during the week for what we'll cook during the weekend, and after breakfast (which usually consists of the same thing - rye bread, yoghurt, a grapefruit, coffee and an episode of a tv-show we're following at that time) we start making the food.

Now that the blog has found a more stable form we have slowly started to cut down on the expectations on ourselves. Not that long ago we were as tired on Monday as we were on Friday due to the fact that we worked all weekends on the blog and on the week with our normal job. So weekend mornings have slowly started reverting back to normal, which means we try to prepare a minimal amount of dishes for the blog and enjoy the weekend a bit more. This allows us to be more gentle with ourselves, and to listen to our moods and what we feel like doing.

This Sunday morning I felt like trying out a new recipe for hard rye bread, or as we call it in Sweden knäckebröd. The silly thing is that this food doesn't even have a proper name in the English language, but we figured if the world can learn the words hygge, fika and kalsarikännit then we think you can learn knäckebröd.

I found this recipe on instagram and it seemed so easy that I had to give it a go. I've read several recipes for this type of bread but they usually add ingredients like stardust and unicorn spit so I've felt that it's too difficult to make. But as this blogs initial plan was to prepare food with ingredients that you usually have at home, this recipe is perfect for that.

I strongly recommend you try this fröknäcke (which is basically knäckebröd, but more seed based than regular knäckebröd), it tasted as amazing as you can imagine. Or well, maybe you can't since you haven't read the recipe yet. But if you were to imagine it tastes great you'd be right. 

A warm, slightly soft hard-bread with a hint of rosemary, and topped with butter. Yum, doesn't get much better than that!

- Lotta

  •  2 dl wheat flour

  •  2 dl sunflower seeds (feel free to   use any seeds you have)

  •  2,5 dl boiling water

  •  0,5 dl oil of your choice (we used sunflower oil)

  •  1 tbsp dried rosemary

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl
  2. Pour the water and the oil onto the dry ingredients and stir the mixture with a spoon
  3. Smear it on a baking tray using a spatula - try to spread it as evenly as possible
  4. Bake in the oven at 150°C for 1 hour
  5. Serve with butter and enjoy your Sunday!