Potato pancakes with lingonberries

Makes 35-40 pancakes  |  40 minutes  |  Medium

This recipe was inspired by an old Finnish way of thinking that we grew up with, and is still something we like to live by. The idea is very simple: you eat everything you have/bought/planted, so basically, don't waste food. It's probably a way of thinking everywhere, but for us it feels very Finnish.

Food waste is unnecessary with some planning and it will save you lots of money. These potato pancakes used to be created back  in the day whenever there were boiled potatoes left over after dinner. Now obviously you had to make sure not to waste them, and while there are many ways of using old boiled potatoes, this might be the best.

Anton had been talking about these pancakes for weeks, and when I bought a cast-iron skillet made specially for pancakes there was no turning back - it was time for pancakes!

So Anton went to work, and I'm saying this as a by-stander but it looked kind of difficult. There was boiling, mixing, whipping and frying involved. Though I'm sure it looked a lot harder then it actually is, or that's what he claimed at least. (Anton: It's especially easy if you have pre-boiled potatoes lying around, maybe left over from a summer lunch?)

These pancakes are perfect for a Sunday brunch with your friends, for dinner after a long day of work, or why not even as a snack!

They tasted so good, me and Anton ate them all after the photoshoot. As one does, right? Well not really, since we had actually just eaten and weren't that hungry, oh well.

We paired our potato pancakes with lingonberries and red-cabbage which worked perfectly. If you have a sweet-tooth you can switch the salt to honey in the recipe and end up with some very nice sweet potato pancakes that would go perfectly with some homemade apple-sauce!

This recipe is a slightly more filling, and in our opinion tastier, version of regular pancakes that you should absolutely try the next time you get an urge for pancakes.

Have a great week!

- Lotta

  • 6  medium potatoes

  • 4  eggs

  • 3 dl  oat-milk

  • 0,5 dl  wheat flour

  • 2 tbsp  coconut butter

  • a large  pinch of salt

  • red cabbage

  • lingonberries

  1. Peel and boil your potatoes until they're soft (or use left-over boiled potatoes, which work even better)

  2. Mash the potatoes in a bowl together with the eggs, milk, flour, coconut butter and salt

  3. Mix until smooth and airy

  4. Fry the pancakes in a hot cast-iron skillet (or other pan) for 30 seconds on each side (use a hint of coconut butter for lubrication)

  5. Serve immediately with some fried red cabbage and lingonberries (we used a ratio of approximately 4:1 with red cabbage and lingonberries respectively)

  6. Enjoy!