The best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

The best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

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But now to the point -- we haven't lived in Stockholm all that long, slightly under a year, but during that time we've been to a lot of restaurants. Because what else is there to do with your hard earned cash than spend it on food?

We feel that food is one of greatest joys of life (and sometimes it's nice to sit down and let someone else take care of the cooking). It can be hard to find really good vegetarian food in a new city, but we've made a lot of research so that you don't have to.

If you come to Stockholm for a quick visit, or if you already live here, make sure to try these restaurants or cafes for an amazing vegetarian meal!

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Le nom

A really popular and (slightly) fancy restaurant with a cozy, yet lively (in that perfect Stockholm way), atmosphere and good prices. You can eat a full menu and still afford to pay the rent next week. It's cool, hip, and you'll feel like you're in Paris, but also in Stockholm and that's a great mix.

Four course tasting menu: 390kr
Medium courses (you need at least two): 120-190kr

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This is fine dining vegetarian style (it's Antons favourite completely vegetarian tasting menu ever) try it - you won't be disappointed! Extra points for beautiful plates, presentation and a location you can't argue with (very close to our home). The actual restaurant is tiny (what you see in the picture above is basically the entire restaurant) so be sure to book a table in advance. An added bonus of its small size is that it feels like a friend is cooking for you in their open kitchen. (Omnivores don't worry, the also have a menu for you).

Four course menu: 500kr


The green queen

Casual lunch place on Kungsholmen, they created their own bean-"beef" that makes you question why you ever had to eat meat! Be sure to note their cool interior and post it on instagram!

Normal Stockholm café prices

It's also right next to the huge and lovely Rålambshovsparken park, so grab your food to go and enjoy it in the park if the weather is nice!



Our favourite café in Stockholm, the first one we fell for when we moved here and basically the reason we stayed in Stockholm. Just kidding (not really), but it's super casual, has the definition of a mysig (swedish word for cozy, content, and relaxed) atmosphere, and they serve great healthy food and a wonderful breakfast. Perfect for a fika.

Café prices.

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Shanti Gossip

You have to experience it to understand it. Every time we go to this Bengali restaurant we feel like we're in a cool, London-based restaurant (and that's not only because it says so on their website). It's always full (they make you wait for a table in the middle of the super crowded restaurant, but you don't mind, you're just happy to be included), has great prices, delicious food and just an amazing urban vibe. Perfect for a casual but oh-so-good after work meal, and hang out with friends.

Oh, and no need to worry about leaving hungry. The portion sizes are very conductive to leaving satisfied.

Main courses: 140-160kr



The best ice cream in town

This totally counts as a vegetarian thing since, well, ice cream is vegetarian. So yeah. Suck it!

No no don't suck it, what are you, an animal? You lick ice cream. Wow. Read a book, why don't you. Anyway, the best ice cream in Stockholm is only a block away from us at --

Kungsholmens glassfabrik!

They have more flavours than you have fingers so you are guaranteed to find something you like. And it doesn't really matter anyway, since all of their flavours are ridiculously good. They make their own ice cream, and it shows. If you go there on a warm day the line will snake out onto the street. But it's worth the wait. You can also buy their flavours by the liter, but we've never had the guts to do that, because we might never do anything else after that.



The best vegetarian burger joint: Phil's burger!

So you wake up with a massive hangover after a night of partying in #sthlm and want, nay need, some salty unhealthy food. Well then, the best option you have is to head over to Phil's! It has an American diner mixed with modern Stockholm feel to it and their halloumi burgers are worth all the cholesterol. In the world. And their fries, oh my oh my. So so good. And the best part is that the closest Phil's is just 4 blocks from us. So I have to stop writing now, I have very important chores to do. Super important chores. Vacuum or something. Not go to Phil's. No.

Halloumi burger: 98kr

There, we think all of these restaurants ought to keep you happy and satisfied for a while.

Stockholm is a great place to eat, drink coffee and grab a beer or a glass of wine (Oh! Best bars! We have to remember to write about that as well!). Let us know if we missed your favourite place! Enjoy!

Lotta and Anton