Halloumi & buckwheat salad

Serves 2  |  25min  |  Easy

Buckwheat is one of our favourite ingredients - it's super healthy, has a lot of flavour, is easy to cook and looks fantastic as well. This recipe is one that we make quite often for ourselves for lunch since it's really simple but has a, dare I say, perfect (yes, yes I dare) balance of salty, fatty and sweet flavours.

Halloumi is always best when grilled and since we live in an apartment in a nordic city that's not really an option for us most of the time. But what we do instead is bake the halloumi in the oven, which is simpler than frying, and you can continue with the rest of the salad while the halloumi is keepin' it real in your oven. Also, it becomes super nice and crispy when you bake it in the oven, so yeah, who needs the sun and a grill?? (I do. Very much so.)

  • 2 dl buckwheat groats

  • 200 g halloumi 

  • two handfuls of mixed salad leaves

  • half an avocado

  • cucumber

  • 4 dates

  • a handful of mixed nuts/seeds

  • olive oil

  • salt

  1. Turn your oven on to 250 °C (if you have a grill mode, use that)
  2. Boil the buckwheat for about 10 min (use about double the amount of water, so 4dl for this recipe) or until all the water is gone
  3. Slice the halloumi into 2 cm thick slices and line them on a baking tray, and place everything on the top shelf of the oven
  4. Make the salad while the halloumi is in the oven and the buckwheat is boiling
  5. Do this by slicing the cucumber, slicing the dates into thin strips (de-seed them first!), scooping out the avocado and mixing everything in a bowl with the salad leaves
  6. When the halloumi starts to get a golden brown colour, turn the slices over and put back in the oven (they should be done within 10-15min, depending on your oven)
  7. Take the halloumi out and let them cool for a while
  8. When the buckwheat is ready, drizzle some olive oil, add a big pinch of salt, and leave to cool under a lid
  9. When the buckwheat has cooled (you don't really need to cool it, but you can if you prefer) throw it in the salad and mix everything
  10. Serve the salad with the halloumi that you've now sliced into thin strips and sprinkle some roasted nuts or seed on top
  11. Enjoy!

This salad is perfect to take to work in your favourite lunchlåda since it's quick and easy to make, is very good, and more filling than a regular salad. So head out and buy a cool lunch box, throw this salad in it, and we guarantee that you'll be the coolest person in your office!