Mint & green pea falafel

When we first met I was super impressed by the fact that Anton was able to make falafel. It seemed like a very complicated dish, or at least that's what he wanted me to think. You see, the way to a woman's heart is by impressing her with cool stuff like making your own falafel.

Anyhow, because this is a dating advice column (Editor's note: Is it really?), we want to help you find your mr/mrs right by teaching you how to make your own falafel. The secret? It's really not hard at all.

Makes 10 falafel balls  |  15min + 25min  |  Easy

But I learned this only years later, when I was already stuck with Anton. Like always, we recommend that you make this recipe with a glass of wine in your hand, some nice music in the background (maybe Amanda Bergmans brilliant album Docks?) and your date by the kitchen table so she/he can follow your every move and be super impressed. Just remember to point out how difficult it is every now and then. Good tricks for looking busy: Running around, sweating, cursing and sighing a lot. Good luck!

  1. Greet your date with either a hug or a kiss on the cheek, but don't be too forward to begin with.
  2. Give them a glass of wine, but be sure to let your date choose the color of the wine. Maybe offer some cheese or homemade appetizers.
  3. Ask them how their day has been and tell them you'll soon serve some delicious food and maybe some dessert.
  4. Offer to give a back rub.

...oh, you wanted to know how to make the falafel? Fine, back to the food.

Falafel is really easy to make, you basically just need chickpeas, spices, flour and parsley. After that the flavours are endless and you can pretty much be as creative as you want. Anton is a glutton for green peas so this is our take on the classic dish. We used canned green peas, but substitute them for fresh ones if you can!

  • a can of chickpeas (400g w/water)

  • a can of green peas (280g)

  • a large handful of pea shoots

  • a bush of fresh mint (two large handfuls) 

  • ½ onion

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 tbsp flour

  • salt

  1. Drain the water from the chickpeas (you can also use dried chickpeas but then you have to soak them in water overnight, and that's a hassle no one wants) and mix them into a fine pulp in your food processor (or with a stick mixer)
  2. Add the peas, pea shoots, mint and onion into the mix (if you have a small food processor like we do, just blend everything separately in small batches and then blend together with a spoon)
  3. Pour everything into a bowl, add the olive oil, flour and a big pinch of salt
  4. Mix until you feel satisfied
  5. It will feel quite dry and grainy, but don't worry about that! As soon as you start forming the falafel into balls you'll notice that it's quite sticky
  6. Form the falafel into balls by rolling them in your hands
  7. Place the evenly sized falafels on a baking tray and stick them in the middle of the oven (that you've already had on at 200°C since before I forgot to tell you)
  8. Bake them for 20-25min until they are light brown and golden, you might want to turn them around from time to time to get an even burn
  9. Enjoy them in a pita bread, with a simple sallad, some tabbouleh, or just crack them onto a sandwich with some hummus
  10. Have fun!