Red pepper & feta dip

This dip is inspired by the best dip we've ever tasted. We were on vacation in Greece a few years ago, when we stumbled upon (googled extensively) a tiny restaurant on a small desolate beach surrounded by a very industrial looking harbour. We sat down at our table and let the waiter treat us to whatever he felt was good. And boy was it good.

It was a typical show of how good ingredients make good food. We ate probably the best aubergine ever (lightly fried with olive oil), insanely good zucchini (the same) and a ridiculously sweet tomato salad (a local variety of cherry tomatoes that I still dream about from time to time), among other things. But the one thing that stuck in our minds was the red pepper and feta sauce.

Serves 4  |  15min + 5min  |  Easy

It was made with a local variety of red pepper that was slightly sweet and spicy, and a really rich and creamy feta. We asked the waiter about the sauce and he said that it was basically just a red pepper grilled on open flames, combined with feta (and a lot of really good olive oil). That's it.

So this is how we tried to recreate that dip. We don't have access to that unique variety of red pepper and that amazing feta, but it's close enough. The best thing with this recipe is how easy it is to make and how well it goes with pretty much everything. 

  • 1 large bell pepper (red)

  • 80 g feta cheese

  • ½ dl olive oil

  • salt

  1. Start by slicing the pepper in half and removing the seeds
  2. Oh, and before you do that, turn your oven on (250 °C)
  3. Place the pepper halves on a baking tray so that the outer skin of the pepper is facing up
  4. Put the tray in the oven as high up as possible and grill the peppers for about 10-15min (if it's summer, or you live in California, use a grill instead of an oven)
  5. Take the peppers out when they start getting slightly burned around the edges, you want that grilled taste
  6. Throw them in a food processor or blender together with the feta and olive oil and blend until smooth
  7. Add salt to taste
  8. Enjoy the hell out of your dip (maybe with a pile of salty muffins)

The key is to really give the peppers a grilled touch, but make sure to keep a watchful eye on them because when they burn, they burn suddenly and completely, and you don't want that.

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