Three-ingredient ice cream

Serves 2  |  1h + 5min  |  Child's play!

I read about this recipe somewhere and totally forgot about it until one night when we had guests over and I wanted to serve them some dessert, but had no time to make anything.

Luckily for me we had a banana and a ripe avocado! That's all you need to make this ice cream. That night I made it with cocoa, but today we wanted to try a different and fresher variation, so we went with mint. You can have it after your workout, serve it as a dessert or just curl up with your favourite book and enjoy your guilt-free treat.  Once you realise how easy this recipe is it will change your life forever!

(Cake & Beans can't actually guarantee that it will, we only hope that you follow your dreams and constantly do what's best for you and your family. Change is good you know!)

But I promise that you will realise how nice it is to have bananas at home - there are hundreds [citation needed] of different healthy treats you can make with bananas, so start buying them and we promise to show you a bunch of different ones. Anyway back to the recipe! We had some mint at home so we added that into the mix. If you want to you can add a teaspoon of honey into the mix to make it sweeter, but it's not necessary, the banana gives enough sweetness to the mix.

JPEG image-987E4EE4B467-1.jpeg

  • One frozen banana

  • One ripe avocado

  • A big handful of mint leaves

  1. First things first, put a banana in the freezer.
    (You need to keep it there for at least an hour, but a smarter move is to get into the habit of always keeping a few bananas in the freezer, ready to be made into ice cream at a moments notice)
  2. Peel the banana, you probably need to use a knife since the peel is frozen to the banana
  3. Scoop out the avocado and throw everything into a blender
  4. Mix until smooth and serve immediately!
    (if you freeze the mixture it'll take 10-20min for it to thaw when you want to eat, so keep that in mind)
  5. Devour it with some coconut flakes or just as it is.