Potato & leek soup

Serves 4  |  30min  |  Easy

This is one of my favourite traditional Finnish soups ever. It's super easy to make, reminds me of my childhood and is amazing in the summer with new potatoes. It's really good in the winter as well, so don't worry. Just read on.

Potatoes are one of the most quintessentially Finnish ingredients and something I think we as Finns should be more proud of. Potatoes get a bad rap way too often -- they're served in grey cold prisons in movies, talked about as the lowest form of food, and are often only served as a side dish or covered in gravy.

But potatoes are a brilliant, versatile, and really tasty ingredient that you should absolutely use more often in your cooking! There are also hundreds of different varieties of potato, so don't go claiming you don't like potatoes based on that one over-cooked potato you ate in high-school.

Well, anyway, we'll get back to that someday soon, with more great potato recipes, but now let's move on to todays soup.

This is a soup I've eaten countless times when I was a child, more often than not made by my mom, so this is very much comfort food for me. Most people I know in Finland have eaten some version of this soup, so it's also a very traditional and quote-unquote Finnish soup.

So in a sense, by eating it you'll time travel to my childhood and suburban Finland (or the countryside if it's summer time) and by extension get to know me just that bit better. And if nothing else, at least you'll eat a simple delicious soup. So there's that.

And remember, potatoes are fantastic root vegetables (or I guess, technically, fruits?) and should not be under-estimated. I hope you agree with me after trying this soup.

If not, I guess I'll just have to impress you later on with another potato dish!


Close up of the soup.

Close up of the soup.

I ended up scissoring way too much dill on top of the soup during our photo-shoot.

I ended up scissoring way too much dill on top of the soup during our photo-shoot.

  • 10 medium sized potatoes

  • 8 carrots

  • 1 large leek

  • 2 tbsp vegan crème fraîche

  • a handful of fresh chives

  • a handful of fresh dill

  • salt & pepper

  • some butter for frying

  1. Chop the leek into thick slices and throw into a big pot or saucepan
  2. Chop the potatoes into quarters and the carrots into thick (3-4cm) slices
  3. Fry the leek in butter until slightly brown
  4. Throw in the potatoes and carrots and fry for a minute or two
  5. Pour water over everything so that it covers the potatoes, carrots and leeks
  6. Let everything boil gently for 25min, or until the potatoes are soft
  7. When everything is done, finish the soup off with the crème fraîche and a handful of chopped chives, and season with salt & pepper
  8. If you want to you can also add a spoonful of butter for more flavour at this point
  9. Garnish the soup with chopped dill and serve with a slice of rye bread
  10. Enjoy!

Reality. A behind the scenes picture from our photo-shoot.

Reality. A behind the scenes picture from our photo-shoot.