Root vegetable chips with homemade apple sauce

Serves 2  |  40 min  |  Medium

After realising how easy it is to make homemade chips I can't stop making them. I hope you bare with me because I feel that this might be true love. 

This recipe started out as an experiment but quickly escalated into a new favourite dish. You know the feeling when you open your fridge and don't know what to make? We have that very often, but then you see a jar of homemade apple sauce and some jerusalem artichoke and your creativity starts spinning. 

Jerusalem artichokes are just like all other root vegetables, you can make just about anything with them. Only thing stopping you is time and effort. I love all oven baked root vegetables, but it's also interesting to mix one root vegetable with itself in different forms, but more on that another time. 

We also wanted to start sharing more personal texts with you, and in a way, we want you to get to know us better and we want to get to know you better. All we see is the numbers of visits, but that doesn't tell us if you liked what you read, if you're ever coming back or if you're our number one fan! But - giving is sharing, so we're gonna start. 

We are in very unfamiliar territories, we haven't done anything similar to blogging before. We met in film and tv school, and since then both of us have always worked with moving images. The exception being Anton's graphic design work. But other than that, we're total rookies and we want to be honest about the journey. It's fun to be able to go back in the archives and see our progress both in food quality and photography. And boy is there a difference! I hope you can notice it too, and that you're as excited as we are for the year to come- we're only getting better which is going to be good for all of us! 


But our biggest issue has always been this part, the writing. We love being able to use our voice, but behind a screen or picture you can pretend to be someone else, but here we want to be honest and connect in a real way. So if you ever have any ideas, comments or criticism we welcome all of that, if you want to be anonymous that's totally fine! In the end, we're doing this together -- and to be able to offer you a great experience we'll always welcome your thoughts. You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, our contact form here on the blog or comment below the recipe.

Our biggest struggle isn't lack of recipes, creativity or even the fact that we have to eat all of our meals (boohoo right?) but it's the lack of time.

If we could, we would cook you delicious foods and create great campaigns every day, but for now we have to make this work. Someday we hope that we can work on our blog full time!

But enough about that, we have some exciting plans for December, and one of those plans is that we're going to prepare a complete menu for a vegetarian Christmas dinner for you, and well, it's gonna be awesome. In our opinion Christmas is all about food. For all we care Santa can keep his gifts, because we want more cinnamon cookies! Stay tuned for that!


Jerusalem artichoke chips

  • 400 grams of artichoke

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • olive oil

Apple sauce

  • 5 apples

  • 2 dl of water

  • cinnamon


  • Feta cheese

  • Spinach leaves

Jerusalem artichoke

  1. After peeling the artichokes, slice them with a cheese cutter or a knife (or if you have one, use a mandolin), try to get them as thin as possible
  2. Lay them evenly on a baking tray and sprinkle some olive oil over them and toss the chopped garlic on top of them
  3. Bake at 200°C for 30 min (You might have to remove the smallest pieces near to the end of the cooking time to prevent burning)
  4. When they're crispy remove them from the oven and add salt and pepper to taste

Apple sauce

This is might feel complicated, but it's much easier than you think so don't let that stop you!

  1. Peel the apples and chop them into big chunks, remove the core and all the seeds
  2. Boil the water, but in this case I recommend you to use less water than you think 
  3. The water should barely cover the apples, after just a few minutes of boiling in the water the apples release so much of their own moisture, it almost starts to look like apple juice, so use less water then you would for instance when boiling potatoes
  4. What I recommend you do is to let the apples boil for about 5 minutes at a medium temperature, and after they're starting to get soft, you start removing the extra water with a ladle until there is no liquid water left
  5. Use a stick blender to make the sauce smooth
  6. Let it cool for about 30 minutes, add cinnamon and store in the freezer or fridge, or use immediately


  1. Place the crisp jerusalem artichokes on a handful of spinach leaves, top them with crumbled feta and a big spoon of apple sauce
  2. Enjoy!