It's been a rough couple of days.

Seeing Donald Trump get elected felt like being punched in the gut, and ever since then we’ve both felt like we have a huge lump in our chests that just won’t go away.

But remember, it will go away. Life goes on, and it will get better.

We totally understand if you want to shut out the world for a few days and just lie under a blanket, that’s absolutely fine if that’s what you need to do. Just make sure it’s only temporary.

Take a few days or weeks off and focus on your loved ones, your hobbies and good food, but come back energised and ready to stand up and make your voice heard, because the time for silence and nonchalance is over, shutting out the world is no longer a luxury we have.

We need to be active in shaping the world into a more compassionate, kind and peaceful place.

And even though we might feel helpless at the moment there are things we can do to make the world a better place.

You can choose how you greet the world and the people in it, how you treat your friends, neighbours and coworkers. We can choose stand up to bullies, we can choose to work hard for an equal society, we can choose to protest and fight for equal rights for everyone.

If you have a platform to make yourself heard, do that — write, videoblog, demonstrate, call your politicians and leaders — and if you don’t, you can still act compassionately and kindly in your everyday life. Stop ignoring and pretending problems don’t exist, and stop ignoring and bashing opinions that aren’t the same as yours. We need to understand each other, not hate each other.

It's everyones right, privilege and task to do the right thing.

But one thing that really does scare the shit out of me (sorry Mom for swearing) is global warming. And you might be thinking — Wait, isn't this a food blog? — Yes, it is. But one of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog was so people would see how easy it is to eat vegetarian food, and in doing so push more people to being a part of the change we need in this world.

We need to do something about climate change.

And sorry, I'm gonna be harsh now, but we all need to pull our weight. There are very easy steps you can do right now to actually make a difference:

    1. Start by ditching the meat. Yes, all of it. Cattle farming is literally ruining the world, they chop down our rainforests so they can feed the cattle. Cows require many times more fresh water than any equivalent amount of plant-based food. They fart so much that it's making holes in our atmosphere.And you don't need to eat meat, you think you need to but you don't. You need protein, but you can easily satisfy your protein needs with soy beans, broccoli and chickpeas, to name a few. Plus, you save the rainforest, you don't kill anyone and you're a lot healthier. Ditch. The. Meat. I mean it, right now.
    2. Stop buying stuff with palm oil in it. Palm oil is a very cheap oil they use in candy, many food items, and about everything unhealthy. They chop down the rainforest (this destruction is especially problematic and vast in Indonesia), which leads to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which leads to the global warming which leads to bad news for everyone. Plus, all the monkeys and other species that live in the rainforest die. Don't you want the monkeys to live?
    3. Stop using so much fuel. By that I mean try and change your electricity to renewable electricity. If you have chance to buy an electric car, do so. Take the bus, tram, train or subway to work. Don't keep all the lights on. Fossil fuel is the number one "bad guy" in our world, and it's a problem because there isn't a lot to choose between right now. But then there are people like Elon Musk that are trying to change that, so if you can afford it, change to electric cars and solar panels.
    4. Stop using plastic. Take a glass or porcelain mug with you to work, coffee shop or school. Use real forks, try to buy food that isn't in a plastic jar. All the plastic that has ever been produced (think about it, everything from your childhood, even that one ninja turtle doll with the broken arm) is still on this earth.
    5. Lastly, vote for a person who cares about this stuff. So what if you have to pay a little more in taxes, you’re already buying ridiculously cheap stuff that’s been produced in cheap ways that are horrible for the environment, so yeah, pay a bit more in taxes why don’t you. And the best way you can effect these issues is to choose a candidate that believes in climate change and is willing to the work to diminish its effects on our planet.

    Because the effects are already here, make no mistake, and they will get a lot worse. We will have many more conflicts when land areas become un-farmable and crops die, and we will have whole populations of people who will be forced to move from their homes because they can no longer live there.

    The world won’t end, but it will become a whole lot worse for us to live on, the planet itself will of course survive, but the perfect paradise we live in now with temperate weather, lush crop lands, and blue water will not. And if we want to continue living on this beautiful oasis in the middle of the vast blackness of space that we call home, we need to start taking care of it.

    We can all do something, remember that. If you want more information about this, there are many good articles and documentaries that you can easily find with a bit of googling.

    But lets end this on a high note. We're all sad right now, and you might be fighting another fight right now as well, I get it. But I'll leave you with a great truth:

    Be the change you want to see in the world. We can make a difference, you know we can.

    Lotta & Anton