Welcome to our Christmas page!

Here you’ll find all of our best vegetarian and vegan recipes to give you some of that cozy Christmas spirit. We will be updating this page throughout the month — right up until Christmas Eve — so be sure to check back often!

Merry Christmas,
Lotta & Anton


Breakfast —

Christmas müesli


Müesli is one of our favourite things to eat for breakfast because it gives that lovely crunch to any vegan yoghurt or smoothie bowl. The best part about making müesli at home is how incredibly easy it is — it’s almost ridiculous — and you can always adjust it to your own liking, like this recipe which is perfect for those lazy mornings between Christmas and New Year’s.


Snacks —

Buckwheat & fennel knäckebröd


Knäckebröd is a hard bread/cracker that is extremely popular in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden where it is eaten pretty much every day. It might not sound like much, but it can be extremely tasty when made well.

This is our Christmas-y take on this classic.

Hot chocolate NEWEST.jpg

Drinks —

Hot chocolate

10 min, For two
Vegan, Sugar free

Hot chocolate is a staple of cold winter days, but more often than not it’s just basically hot sugar-water with a bit of chocolate flavour, which is why we wanted to give you a great sugar free hot chocolate recipe that you can enjoy guilt-free at any time! And we don’t skimp on the sweetness either, so you don’t have to worry about this being a boring drink — because honestly, this is one of the best drinks Lotta has ever created.


Drinks —

Homemade glögg

45min, Makes 1 liter
Sugar free, Non-alcoholic

Glögg is a warm spiced drink most often based on red wine, but it can also be made with booze, or any number of juices. It's similar to the English mulled wine, German Glühwein and French Vin Chaud. I'm not entirely familiar with what is the key to any of those drinks but to me, the key to a good glögg is the right balance of spices. The spices in Nordic glögg are cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. People often also add citrus peels (we used orange peels for example), raisins (we didn't), or star anise (nope, not this time). There are many versions of this classic drink so just take it from us, ours is the best. 


Here’s our version of an ugly-Christmas-sweater, the bad Christmas poem:

(you’re welcome)

Lights and candles and yuletide are coming,
Christmas time is joyous with friends on your couch slumming,
but food is the focus and the guests are venti,
so lucky for you, here you’ll find recipes aplenty!

Enjoy and relax, with good food and a movie by Van Damme,
some cake, your friends and a song that goes Wham!