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Cake and beans is a food blog focused on easy, no-fuss, everyday vegetarian and vegan recipes that anyone can make regardless of cooking skills.

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Our food is unpretentious, healthy, and you can always find the ingredients to our recipes at your local store (as long as they're in season).

We became vegetarians in December 2014, but soon realised we didn't know how to cook everyday vegetarian food, so we had to learn from scratch. At some point we started playing around with the idea of documenting our normal everyday meals. Which is how we got started with this blog.

Lotta is a photographer, foodie and television editor who loves a good glass of wine, the Italian countryside, and cats. She's the photographer on the site and usually the one who makes all the desserts and chats with you on our social media. 

Anton is a food enthusiast, graphic designer, and video editor who's very passionate about equality, dancing, and the environment. He is in charge of the website and all of our graphic design, and creates a large part of our savoury recipes. He's been cooking all his life and never says no to a second helping of dessert.

With this blog we want to show you how easy and delicious vegetarian food can be. But we also want to demystify cooking and food, it doesn't have to be fancy or difficult to make to be good and it's not something that anyone should take too seriously.

So start cooking and remember to have fun!

Lotta & Anton

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We offer tailor-made services within food-styling, photography, video creation and web-design. We have 15 years of combined experience within media and storytelling, which makes us uniquely qualified to support your brand with a variety of visual content. 

We love working with brands and small companies who share our values of good & healthy food, compassion for the environment, and equality.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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